The wireless, energy-harvesting and maintenance-free wireless modules from EnOcean set the standard for today's industrial applications. Our innovative modular components seem to generate their own energy from nothing at all. However, the energy provided from the ambient surroundings, such as the press of a button, temperature changes or even the light at dawn or sunset, is sufficient to generate adequate energy for our highly efficient wireless modules

In this exciting and up-and-coming field, we offer internships and bachelor/master theses opportunities allowing mutual cooperation during performance of intensely interesting tasks for students of different technological disciplines (e.g. electrical engineering, communications engineering, mechatronics, computer science, physics, precision engineering and microtechnology, physical technology, mechanical engineering, mathematics, IT security).

In general, projects require basic knowledge in the following (task-dependent):

  • Analogue and digital circuit technology; development with Eagle
  • Programme development with .NET, C#, 8051 and PIC Assembler
  • Programming of test stands with LabVIEW
  • Design (SolidWorks, CETOL) and set-up of prototypes, test stands and measurement facilities
  • Performance of measurements and analyses of data (Excel, Minitab, 6σ, mySQL)
  • Test of HF transmission properties and wireless protocols
  • Modelling and simulation of systems (GoldSim, RISK, MATLAB, Simulink, Mathematica)


Then please speak to us concerning specific projects. We have already prepared some interesting theses topic suggestions:

  • Testframework of energy harvested module
    This involves a supplementation in hardware and software functionality of an existing set-up (automated with proprietary SW C++) created to ensure functionality of the products. The correct function of the test framework is to be systematically investigated and, if possible, improvement recommendations drafted. The SW has to be extended for newer functionality of the frame work. A completely new module (HW and SW) to measure the current consumption of our test probands in ranges of nA is to be created.

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